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A New Brand: “Catalan Wood”


Forests are a fundamentally important element to any country as they take part actively in biodiversity, carbon fixation, oxygen contribution, aquifer refilling and erosion reduction, among others. Catalonia has a wooded area of 64%. That is why its management by the administration is essential.

For that reason, the Catalan Government sanctioned the General Plan of Catalan Forests 2014-2024 in order to strengthen the socioeconomic and environmental functions of forests, in other words, invigorate everything forests have to offer. What is aimed with this new policy are a profitable management of forests, a higher provision rate, support from all the companies involved in the wood business towards common good, and the projection of research in this field. To sum up, the detailed objectives listed in the Plan are:

  • Promote the active management of forests as a tool to increase their socioeconomic and environmental functions as well as to promote biodiversity conservation.
  • Promote the assessment of agricultural activities as a key element in land conservation.
  • Support property and wood industry as main agents to the economic sector.
  • Improve the social perception of forests management and promote the use of the materials they offer.
  • Promote development, innovation, technological transfer and increased use of technology in productive processes related to forests.
  • Promote an efficient planning of forest areas and promote the coordination and incorporation of economic and environmental values into other sectors to promote synergies.

In this context the brand “Catalan Wood” is born to give an extra value to Catalan Wood. This initiative was created by the Catalan Parliament with the support of all those who work with wood. One of the goals of establishing a brand is to raise awareness in the business sector that Catalan resources must be taken into account. For example, the wood extraction from Catalan forests is 19% whereas the European average is 67%. They can also identify themselves with the brand and the raw materials. It is a way to promote local resources and contribute with good quality materials to the global sector.

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