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1-Environmental benefits:


Wood is the most ecological raw material: it is a natural product which does not require a manufacturing process in its many different growing anc cutting down stages. Moreover, it does not cause important environmental impacts.

Wood is less energy consuming: its transformation processes, such as cutting down, shipping and modelling require less energy than the processis that other materials have to undergo.

Wood is recyclable: the final products do not require high technology or complex processes to transform them into recycled paper or wooden boards.

Wood is biodegradable: any product made out of wood would cause any polluting problems to the soil, water or atmosphere.

Wood helps the world reduce the greenhouse effect: the massive plantations dedicated to forestry basically consume CO2, which is the cause of the Greenhouse effect, so this means that there is less CO2 out there. Additionally, the wooden products maintain this CO2 consuming property while they last. 

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